Roxy update, part II

Got the list from the body shop yesterday:

  • Front seat frame, top and bottom, to be replaced
  • Front seat belt buckle to be replaced
  • Rear bumper cover to be replaced
  • Cooper and MINI emblems to be replaced
  • Boot door repaired
  • Entire rear end of car will be dismantled and repainted
  • SRS reset (airbag light*)

The service writer at the body shop did say that there could be more, only because they haven’t actually gotten her into the shop yet to check the frame, suspension and anything else that could go wrong after getting hit. They actually gave me an ETA too of the first week in May. Since I’ve had seat repairs done before and know how long it really takes, I’ll be surprised if Roxy is actually ready that early. I’m going for the 2nd week in May.

Since they have it there, I did inquire about pricing for repainting the front end. You know how they say if you have to ask, it costs too much. Yea. Approximate quote is $1,000 and I doubt that includes replacing the chrome on the bumper or the front grill. Oh well, something to save for I guess.

*I told them they probably won’t be able to reset the airbag light due to a problem with the passenger side seat.
More as it becomes available…

3 replies on “Roxy update, part II”

  1. I was hit VERY hard!

    I was traveling at about 60mph. When I was hit, it pushed me forward until the seat belt grabbed then pulled me back. I’m a pretty big guy too, which might have had something to do with it.

    The seat actually has to go to an upholstery shop for rebuilding, and that’s why the delay. Well, that and parts.

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