SCMM at Santa Anita

The groupAs I said early this week, I did attend a MINI Event with the club. This time it was for our 5th (!) anniversary. That’s right, more than 5 years ago SoCal MINI Maniacs was started and we have been celebrating that fact for the last 4 years at Santa Anita Race Track.

As in years past, Fireball Tim was our trusted MC and he gave away a ton of swag from some great sponsors! You can see the complete list below.

We had great weather too. Out of nowhere we get 80 degrees! In January! A perfect day to play the ponies, including the 8th race, which was the race for SCMM.

It was great to see everyone there, especially those of you that I don’t get to see very often. I promise I’ll be going to more stuff this year!

Of course, all that great swag we were able to give away had to come from somewhere. And it did from our generous sponsors!

Follow the jump for photos and sponsors!

Pictures? Oh, of course there were pictures.

Lex’s Pics

There was a nifty browser here, but it crashes Safari. Follow the links to see the pictures instead.
(you can view them at his flickr page as well here)

My pics

(you can view them on my flickr page here)

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  1. It was great seeing you at Santa Anita. Thanks for giving a very quick recap summary of how the club was formed.

    Hope to see you at more events.

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