Shipping company using new technology

This is pretty cool:

A Scandinavian-based ocean transportation company has developed a new power concept for large carrier ships that utilises fuel cells.

Designed by a team of naval architects, environmental experts and industrial designers, the concept ship has close to zero emissions capability and no ballast water onboard.

“We believe that the shipping industry as a whole must put more effort into developing sustainable deep sea transportation solutions,” said Nils Dyvik, chief executive of Wallenius Wilhelmsen, which developed the ship.

“Wallenius Wilhelmsen is determined to be at the forefront of these efforts as our three year sponsorship of WWF to help protect and preserve marine life on the High Seas demonstrates,” he added.

The new ship, the E/S Orcelle, will emit no emissions into either the air or sea, and uses renewable energy to meet all propulsion and onboard power requirements.

I remember reading about Mercedes playing with this as well a few years ago, plus we know that BMW is also working on similiar technology.

My question, if they can make it work on a multi-ton ship to produce gobs and gobs of clean, reliable power, why can’t they do the same on everyday cars and trucks with far less power requirements? My guess is because none of use want to pay $65K for a Ford Focus, and until someone does, the prices won’t come down.

But it’s still cool that it’s being done on a big ship!