Window reset

Talking with Miles tonight, we are discussing his eventual letdown and disappoint with the service at Crevier again. He tells me one of things he is having looked at is his drivers side window. Turns out it’s not dipping when he opens or closes the door.

Turns out, this is something you can fix yourself! A quick NAM search via Google returns the answer!

From this thread:

Reset the windows by holding the toggle in the up position for about 10 seconds. They will then drop down when opening the door.

And that should do it! Miles will report back if that fixed him up or not.

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  1. Alright people, the reset trick seems to have worked. I did it when I left the house, and stopped at a few different places on the way in to work, and the window dipped normally each time.

    I’ll keep you guys updated on whether or not it keeps dipping :D

  2. Had the same problem that progressed into the windows not working at all, intermittantly at first then constant. Had to take it several times to the dealer to get it to not work in their presence. Then two times to the dealer to get it fixed. I think there might be a service bulletin on this problem.

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