Tire update

We did manage to get a fair amount of rain here in SoCal this last week. And, with about 2K miles on them, I just wanted to report back that the Kumhos are working awesome! No hydroplanning, tramlining or slippage. I even like the ride and the overall handling.

Can’t wait to put these on the rear too.

6 replies on “Tire update”

  1. yea it is. My first experience sans runflats, can you believe, was on the track! took me almost my first day on the track to get used to the way the car handled.

  2. I don’t think mushy would be the correct term. Runflats, by design, have super stiff sidewalls. Non-runflats usually have much softer sidewalls, which result in a smoother and quieter (at least for me) ride.

    As far as handling goes, it does take some getting used to. The nice thing I think about non-runflats is that once they warm up, they just stick! No squealing, screeching or other noises. Well, unless you push into 2 at SOWS a bit too fast. Just about all tires squeal doing that :D

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