Support the racers!

Most of you have seen this already or heard me talk about it. Just trying to drum up a little support and enthusiasm for the NAMCC.

You are certainly aware of the Whiteroofradio efforts to help Randy and Brian keep the WMS cars in the series. If not, you can get some more info here. A new page has also been posted to help support Waylen from Way Motor Works. You can get the info to support him here.

Have I helped? Why yes, yes I have. Both teams? Yep. Why?

This isn’t about raising money. It’s about keeping the series going. There are only 2* races left and it would be a shame if either of the only 2 race teams that have been to all of the races couldn’t go. There aren’t many cars on the track as it is, and to remove 3 of them would not be a race.

Another thing you can do, but it’s more in support of the series than the individual race teams is to actually head out to any of the next races and watch. Yell and scream at the edge of the track for your favorite! Take pictures and post them to your flickr to help spread the excitement. Get your club together and make it an outing for the day.

Your support, no matter how you do it, will only help further MINI Racing here in the US. Besides, it’s fun! The races are very exciting to watch. The action in the pits can be equally exciting to watch as well!

Oh yea, if you kicked in a few bucks to either team (or both), you can also walk around telling your friends “well, yes, I do sponsor a race car”. They don’t have to know you only sponsored for $5 or $10, we’ll leave that as our little secret ;).

You can see the schedule for the rest of the year here. Really, if you can, try to make it out to any of the last races. You’ll have fun, I promise!

*There are actually 3 races left, but the final event at Buttonwillow will not be for points.

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  1. Just sent my little bit of help to Waylen. If I support both Randy and Waylen, does that make me a Race Series sponsor?


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