The Mule v2.0

themule2.jpgWow! What a weekend. I spent it hanging out with Todd and his wife in St. Louis for the Phil Wicks North American MINI Challenge.

This being my first trip, really, to the midwest, I have to sa– what? You don’t want to hear about that?

Ok, what about Randy racing Todd’s car?

Randy, during practice on Saturday morning had an incident that caused him to go off track and into the tire barrier. Randy was fine, but the Mule was out for the weekend.

So, standing in the pits talking with Randy and Brian, I actually get an idea.

Why not use Todd’s car?

so I mention it to Randy and the wheels start turning. Of course, Todd’s not around to be a part of the descion to make his MINI into the Mule #2, he was out for his driving session.

As soon as he came in, I was first on the scene. “Oh yea, I saw that” I say. “You looked great out there!” I say. “We need to get your car into the paddock so we can make it into the Mule”.

Oddly enough, Todd wasn’t really hip on the deal until Randy PROMISED to not hurt his baby. Done and done!

The next 2 hours were spent swapping wheels, adding a rear sway bar (thanks to Way who brought an extra) and swapping breaks. Oh yea, plus removing the mats and owners manual to save as much weight as possible!

It was very exciting. There are pictures over on Flickr. There are audibles over at WRR. If you were there, you caught it. If not, well, that’s what you get for missing it! ;)

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  1. I’m sure Randy is a very cool guy, but there is no way in HELL someone is gonna take my daily driver onto the track for a competitive race!

    Todd must have a third one hanging somewhere, cause he’s got more balls that I do!

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