Tamale Festival

So, there we were. Downtown Indio, CA. Oh yea, and about .5 million of my closest friends:
Tamale Festival Crowds

It was crazy mad busy there, but I’m sure that is only because the tamales were outstanding! Awesome roads getting there too. I keep forgetting what fun highway 111 is.

Then, off to the outlet shops in cabazon to attempt some shopping. More like attempt to find a parking space! Too crowded to really get anything accomplished, but there was this:
MINI's and Dino

Yep. The giant 2 story gift-shop-in-a-dinosaur, just west of the windmill farms (yet another oddity).

Anyway, a great day was had. And, I forgot. But driving in a long line of MINI’s is actually kinda fun :D

You can see the photos I posted today here. I’ll get more pics uploaded to the dbmini gallery tomorrow.