The Road to Recovery


Starting the process of making my MINI road worthy again starts with a trip to my local Department of Motor Vehicles. If I’m honest, I am the world’s biggest fuck up. My tags have been expired for a few months because I was without insurance. You try living on less than $500 per month for a year and see how it affects you.

Anyway, called the insurance company to get coverage started again so I can get my registration current so I can send that back to my insurance company. You might want to keep notes, this is going to get complicated.

Go to the DMV and pay my exorbitant fees, which contributed to the coffers of 2 different Southern California cities due to parking violations (because I had expired tags). It’s at this point they usually give you your receipt and send you to the window to get the current year sticker.


Not only was my registration expired, it was also suspended due to lack of insurance. I am also due for a smog check (which I didn’t realize, but it makes sense). So, before I can get my tags I have to do the following.

  • Fax proof-of-insurance to the DMV
  • Wait 24-48 hours and call them back
  • They will send me something that I can then take back to the local office within 72 hours
  • Go back to my local office to show them what I got. They will then give me a temporary tag so I can drive my car to the smog shop*
  • Smog my car, hope it passes with the airbag light on eventhough I know it won’t
  • Get the airbag light turned off
  • Re-smog my car to get the cert after the airbag gets turned off
  • Go back to the DMV to get my current tags

Once again, proof that being an unemployed fuck-up doesn’t pay. By my calculations, this should take 2 weeks, maybe a month (depends on if I need to get the air bag light fixed). After that, hopefully I’ll be able to start picking up a few things from my wishlist

*I’m going to cheat and start on the smog this week. shhhh

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