The stumble is back?

Yep. Or something that is very much like the stumble. This time Roxy just shudders while sitting at idle and the A/C is on. Usually at the same time the fan starts turning. Something else that also happened on one of the warmer days is when the fan did turn on, the entire car vibrated and the noise inside the cabin sounded like an exhaust leak, but you couldn’t hear it from the outside. These are the noise that prompted my service call. Again, only when the fan comes on.

I’m also going to have the broken smog control pieces fixed before the smog police catch me. Oh yea, I’m going to check out what’s on the lot, that’s a given. Might even try to sneak me a ride in an X3 while I wait for a ride to the officel.

3 replies on “The stumble is back?”

  1. I was in San diego this weekend and had to buy some wiper blades. I went to a Brecht BMW/MINI dealer in Escondido and they had an amazing amount of cars. MC’S, MCS’S & MCc’s available.

    My stumble as never left! I’e had all the “fixes” and it only got a little less noticable. Good Luck. My wife’s boss has a Z4 and loves the car. We were going to buy a new 325i but Assael was so screwed up that we bought a new A4. Very Happy. But after 20+ years with BMW irt is kinda sad the way they handle returning customers. Maybe it’s was just the dealer.

    I thouht the stumble only happened with the MCS’s?


  2. I had it really bad when I first go her. It’s not really so much a stumble as you know it, or as it was when I had it before. There isn’t any lunging or lack of power when taking off with the A/C on. Now, about every 45 seconds to a minute with the A/C on the entire car shudders while at idle (ie parked at a stop light).

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