this could be bad

so, i’m poking around crevier’s website, and my guy’s name no longer shows up. This could be bad! now i’m going to have to call and check, hopefully he will still be there. if not, then i’m going to have to start off all over again with a brand new person. i’ll take ’em for a test drive to get broke in! ha ha ha.

no mini sightings today, but I still have yet to drive home. did get to go the the Make-A-Wish house here in OC today to pick up some of the items that my company is going to be needing for our fundraising event that is coming up next saturday. I even got the .05 tour. the place is nice and everyone there is just super friendly and sincere. the foundation does do some awesome things, and they have some great people there to help!

I’ll try to come up with more stuff later….