• Still waiting for the high-res video from the track. Hopefully I’ll have it this weekend
  • The weather has been cooler lately, so Roxy has been running awesome, even on the 89! I think I might try 1 more tank
  • BMWCCA is running AutoX in San Diego at Jack Murphy Stadium (Qualcomm) Saturday morning. Anyone going?
  • Todd uploaded another video to the WRR Download page. More cool track footage! Oh yea, funny outtake reel #1 there too.
  • Not listening to the podcast yet?. You are missing … Gabe doing the news and avoiding the MINI police (no, really, you have to listen), db & Todd talking, pretty in depth, about track days and the new ’06 configurator. Plus, in an upcoming episode, we will be having a very special guest!

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 replies on “Updates”

  1. Screw the 89 – while I’m in St. Louis my MINI gets to drink of the 93 nectar. Meanwhile, we’re checking out the vino selections at Trader Joe’s. More on the weekend podcast!

    Oh yea, my pass side window stopped rolling down as we pulled out of KC. The window “reset” does nothing. It’s done this befor but usually corrects with a 10 sec. up-reset.

    Looks like a trip to dealer next week.

  2. 93? : drool : We only get that fine mix at racetracks out here and I think 1 76 station in LA. Heck, if we could get it out here, it would cost more than diesel (currently at about $3.15/gal) so I’d still pass.

    Bet your passenger side window starts working after it cools down a bit. I know mine does

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