It’s time

Been waiting to build your ’06?

Wait no longer! New specs are up!. Thanks Mark for bringing it to my attention. :)

update…Things I didn’t know
-Royal Gray and Space Blue not available with a white roof, only black or silver
-To get JCW from the factory, you also have to get the Sport Package.
-Checkmate package means no white roof, no matter what the color
-Looks like JCW is still available as a dealer option, if you want it without DSC.

Just built a $31K MINI. And it doesn’t have a white roof. Looks like back to the drawing board.

3 replies on “It’s time”

  1. I’m loving the JCW package from the factory… You basically get the JCW brakes and LSD for free, considering that you don’t have to pay for labor at the dealer to do the install.

  2. Yeah, I was kinda bummed that you can’t get the MCS in any super cool colors anymore. I guess my next MINI will be another Cooper. But hey, that’s OK. :-D

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