4 replies on “a teaser…”

  1. yes it was. My line through the bowl that time around was especially crappy and it was only my second lap in a car I have never driven, so I let him by. Oh yea, I was in an MCS, not Roxy. If I were in Roxy, that z wouldn’t have been able to pass I’m sure ;)

  2. Good job, db! Thanks for sharing. Excellent line for your first lap based on memory from a year ago. The vid sure brings back memories! I remember that painful first turn and the awesome bowl. You shouldn’t have made it so easy for the 350Z to get by. You coulda taken him in an MCS! Start planning on BW in January! Think of it as Roxy II’s last track event before retiring. ;)

  3. dont underestimate the 350z. i used to have one before i traded it in for a 2005 MC and it was faaaaaaaast. but it was no MINI thats for sure.

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