More track stuff and a gas update

I’ll start with gas. On my third tank of 89 octane. So far so good. Mileage is still a strong 31-32MPG and the power doesn’t seem to be down too much. The dang stutter is still there, now whenever the fan comes on. I’m still testing, but this maybe my last tank.

Track stuff. As it turns out, the MINI I spun 2 laps in at SOWS on Sunday had a video camera mounted. Added bonus, it was actually on and caught both of my laps! It’s pretty beefy at 159mb. Anyone interested in seeing it? If so, I’ll poke around for someplace to host it that won’t die from the bandwidth.

Otherwise, I’m keepin’ it to myself :D

Oh yea, Todd and I finished Woofcast #3 last night. Feel free to cruise over and download it. Topic: Trackdays.

5 replies on “More track stuff and a gas update”

  1. Hi DB,

    Thanks for covering my question in Woof #2!

    I am headed out to SOWS in a month, and I too would like to see the video if possible.

    Regards and two words about the podcasting….

    Woof! Woof!

  2. Thanks Ian…I might take you up on the offer. I get the video tonight, I’ll keep you posted.

    Would have to say not 100% negative on the 89. I’m going to switch back to 91 on the next tank to check the real difference. I don’t think it’s that great, but it has been almost 1K miles since I started this. I’m going to finish this and end up blaming crappy CA Summer Gas and the fact that I probably could use a new set of plugs!

  3. Josh,

    Folks using Windooze can’t use the new Apple QT codec unless they install a “preview” of QT 7. I would suggest using an older one so all can see it.

    db…….excellent site as always !

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