Wow! Been a while since I have posted. Let’s see…where should I start.

  • My hate of banks continues. Actually, not really. To make what could be a very long story short, I will not be getting an R56.
  • AMVIV was awesome. Check out the multiple recaps on motoringfile.com.
  • That’s it

I thought there was more, but really not really. Roxy did turn 150K miles on the way to Pahrump during AMVIV and much to Todd’s dismay, she kept on truckin’.

She has also developed a wear hole in the leather on the drivers seat. I’m going to have to find a patch kit so it doesn’t get worse than put some stylin’ seat covers on her.

But, with the recent changes, I’m back to planning mods to her again. I’d really like to get some serious track time in, so watch for suspension mods coming soon!

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  1. Arrgh, that’s tough, I’m very sorry for you. But keep posting about the mods to Roxy. With your commute, you and Roxy could make some history.

  2. Huh? you dropped a bombshell with no explanation? Its financing then? I don’t know if you own or rent, but if you own, with the escalation you have had out there in CA you would have enough equity to loan yourself for a car. And you’d get to deduct the interest too.

  3. about the only thing people thought was cool about my MINI at AMVIV was my seat covers – check out the Wet Okoles custom-fitted ones. I’m sure they a combo that would have you stylin’.

  4. It is financing, and I don’t own my home. Also, no co-signers were available.

    Yea, just like that. The explination would be long, drawn out and kind of embarrassing. So, I’m just going to leave it there.

  5. Ahh, nuff said db. It will come later. Meanwhile there is a lot more fun to have with Roxy. You’re not going to miss anything.

  6. Wow, officially file that under “Dude that sucks!”

    My condolences man. No mention on WRR, or am I just not paying attention?

    Fun fact – I’m not in Nebraska anymore. I moved to Minneapolis last week for work. Now I’ve got to get plugged into the local MINI scene.

    Does it look like your R56 might happen in the near future?

  7. A quick mention at the end of #148.

    It’s a big deal to be sure, but I’m not going to dwell on it. Now that Roxy is paid for, that’s an extra 5 bills a month that I can use toward other things to make her a little bit cooler and try to break the record for most miles on a MINI!

    The future? Who knows. I do know it would be keen to have a clubman in my driveway. Who knows.

    I do know that there is other VERY big news coming down the pipe next week over at WRR and MF. But you will have to wait until Monday for that ;)

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