Watch this space

As I’ve have already hinted at in the comments, there is going to be some really cool news coming down the pipe in WRR-land next week. If everything happens as it should, no later than Monday morning west coast time.

You’ll see something posted here, WRR and at Motoringfile. There will be audio.

I will tell you right now what it won’t be.

  • I’m not getting a sex change
  • None of us are getting new cars
  • I did not win the lottery (not that I would tell you that anyway ;) )
  • None of us will be heading up the Presidents new department of motoring
  • I am NOT buying from Gabe
  • Roxy is not going into a museum for being the highest mileage Velvet Red MC
  • Whiteroofradio was not purchased by Google

That’s all you get for now. Don’t worry, Monday will be here before you know it! You can trust me on this one gang, it’s going to be huge!

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  1. Rumor mongering— COOL!!!

    1. Whiteroofradio was actually purchased by BMW not google.
    2. Motoringfile is purchasing Autoweek
    3. Gabe is getting his all black MINI painted white for a change of pace…
    4 (Insert rediculous theory here)

    Of course the truth is none of those are correct! ;)

  2. All very mysterious, especially since your other blog suggests that the news required you to get a passport….

    I was gonna guess sex change in Thailand until I saw point 1 above.

  3. methinks db’s a past experience of vegas might have wanting to do some window shopping…..

    hmm… can’t find the link on wtf to explain wtf I am on about!

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