Upgrades and whatnot

dbmini is now running on the latest version of WP.

Along with the upgrade I have implemented some new comment spam blocking tools. One automatically closes comments after 14 days (so get those comments in quick!) and the other blocks spam by spam words. There is a good chance that if you have seen the word in an email some place (poker mortgage xxxxx enlargement, for example) you won’t be able to use that word here. You will know it’s working if you leave a comment and it just goes *poof*.

Oh yea, plus I turned on Markdown (finally!) for comments.  I’ll put a key up in the next couple of days.


11 replies on “Upgrades and whatnot”

  1. Odd that….looks like I’ll have to talk to Mark about it

    It’s been corrected.  Thanks Ian!

  2. crap, I didn’t think that would post. Truth is, I don’t have any deal for you.

    how did you fix the gomotoring issue? Mine broke too when I upgraded and only way I could find to fix it was to have another site produce my feed.

  3. I like the idea of closing…can you give a link to the plugin?
    Have you been getting a lot of spam? I haven’t had a single spam comment since starting my blog. I guess my stupid question plugin really works.

  4. Josh – Check your email

    Paul – it’s the permalink structure. GM was still looking at /wp-rss2.php instead of /feed. Once Mark changed it, everything was good to go.

    Weird that mortgage showed up tho.

  5. ok ok ok…enough already guys ;) Now my google search refs are going to be wacky for the next month. Do you have any idea what kinds of pervs are going to start showing up here? ick

    >I’m a big fan of SpamKarma2.

    I’ve not played with it, but off all of the things I’ve tried, closing the comments seems to work the best.  It keeps the bots away at least, whch is nice.  Since I started closing them at WRR, spam has actually dropped from 10 a day to 1 a week (probably someone manually inputting the spam to see if it shows up or not).  I hope it helps.

    Now, if anyone knows a good way to keep the crap out of my logs, without having to resort to insane htaccess rules….

  6. I think gomotoring has a problem with the blogger feed, I’m not sure. I’ll make sure that Mark sees this.

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