They could have at least bought dinner…

Got Roxy in for service today. She was way past due.

A/C does need a new compressor. That’s the part that makes the air cold for those of you don’t know. Any guesses on the price of the part?
No, higher.
Higher than that.
You are getting closer…


Yes, you are reading that correctly. Ugh

Anyway, it should be Inspection 2 happening today. That includes…

  • Oil/filter change
  • A/C filter change
  • Belt/hose inspection/replace
  • Something else I don’t remember

I’m sure it’s a bunch of stuff that needs to get done, but here is why I said should. Estimated cost for Inspection 2 at my dealer? $710. Yea, you can guess correctly that I’m not getting that done today.

Just an oil change ($160) and have them look at the A/C (that hasn’t blown cold air in about 6 months) and the air bag light (which I’m pretty sure is a recall item). For them to even look at the A/C or the air bag light problem, I have to pay $130 for them to even look at it. Of course that money will go toward the cost of repairs. Unless they A/C repair comes back as costing more than $130, I can’t get it done today and I’ll be out the $130. Dang.

Anyone trust anyone to do work on their MINI in OC or the IE? Don’t say Steve’s or EF1 because those are way to far for me to drive to.

And I’ll report back about the A/C once the prognosis is in. I’m hoping just an evac/recharge of the gasses will fix it, since I do have 10 years worth of mileage on my car. Keep those fingers crossed!

3 replies on “They could have at least bought dinner…”

  1. You would think that a dealer like that would understand that if he did YOU right, the world of MINI would know about it and he would see binifits for a long time. Instead, he’s just greedy. To bad. Is that the case for all the OC Dealers?

  2. I believe so. For all SoCal dealers, they charge BMW service rates for all service.

    Just so it’s clear, I don’t have a problem with the service at my dealer at all. I just think that the pricing is a little bit out of control. But, it’s like that at all dealers.

    I just need to find an independant shop instead.

  3. I agree with #1, although I’m no fan of favoritism, I would think your dealership would be willing to cut you some sort of deal–like Todd’s dealer in KC for his clutch.

    I guess that’s the difference between the Midwest and the West Coast.

    My dealer here in da ‘Burgh is very proactive and accomodating of any request I have. Of course, my MCS is still under warranty, so this may all change in a couple thousand miles….

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