Gas Prices

Yea yea yea, blah blah blah.

So, anyway, I go out to an SCMM meet today. No intentions of running it, just hang out with some of the people that I haven’t seen in a few months. I would have run it, but that means I would have to spend close to $150 on gas this week (3 tanks), and I just can’t afford it.

The run is titled Casino to Casino. It’s the longest way possible from one Indian Casino to another that are only about 7 miles apart. The run starts in Temecula and winds through the hills of the Riverside County badlands and north county San Diego, including up Palomar Mountain and down the other side, with a stop at some bakeries in Julian (well, not Julian, but you wouldn’t know the name of the town otherwise, so close enough). Anyway, it’s usually a VERY popular event, attracting as many as 50 MINIs.

Except this year. Only 16 MINIs showed up. While still not a bad turnout, it actually is for this event. The only thing we could think of is the price of gas. Which makes sense why the ‘meet and greet’ type events have been so popular of late. Drive a short distance, hang out with cool MINI people, go home. Nothing like racking up 200 miles on a drive.

I’m ready for gas prices to go down now.

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  1. I was really tempted to get to this one but for me I’d end up driving twice the distance of everyone else – and almost drive by my house in the middle of it. With the crazy price of gas, it just didn’t make sense.

  2. Sometimes there are just too many things on the calendar. The weekend of the Casino run also had an Orange County GTG breakfast conflict as well as the Irvine Relay For Life rally for the American Cancer Society. Something just had to give.

    Personally, I hope to make it to the next Casino run.

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