where my miles come from

For those of you wondering how I was able to break the 100K barrier before Roxy turned 3 (coming soon!) I’ll give you a sample of some of the driving I actually do.

Last week for example I had to drive out to the middle of the Nevada desert to do some work
1 way = 254 miles

When I came home, I had to go to my office before going home.
1 way = 265 miles

I then drove home from the office
1 way = 55 miles

The next day, I drove out to Bellflower.
1 way = 62 miles

Add 1 round trip to the office on Monday and it looks like this:
55+55+254+265+55+124 = 808 miles.

I probably do this at least once a quarter, sometimes twice. Normally it’s just the office round trip of 110 miles which is no big deal (at least it isn’t to me). Wait until later this month when I head back out to the desert to do more work and attend AMVIV!

If things go as they should, I expect to be beyond 115K miles before Roxy turns 3 on 03-09.

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  1. You know, I was in such a foul mood a beer would have done me good. I’ll be back that way again, I’ll remember to give you a ring!

  2. I can’t beat db (and I don’t want to!) but my week usually consists of 120 miles to San Diego, 10-15 miles to work, then 120 back home at the end of the week. Sometimes I come home on a Weds just to waste gas; as it said in our local paper not so long ago – the idea that gas will run out someday is simply not true!

  3. Mine commute is whopping 1.5 miles and I typically get a ride from a co-worker in the winter and ride my bike or walk in the summer.

    But I’ve been there. At one time I was commuting 40+ miles each way.

  4. This isn’t my worst commute. That was when I was living in Vallejo, California about 10 years ago and driving to Sacramento, Ca everyday. About 6 months at 80+ miles each way. That was brutal!

    I don’t mind a little drive tho. Helps clear the head of crappy work stuff before I get home.

  5. Wow. My commute is 17.5 miles roundtrip and I sometimes get a little grumpy about even that.

    I miss college–roll out of bed, push the beer bottles aside, put on a baseball cap and walk 5 minutes to class. That was the life!

    Anyway, hats off to you, DB. Hey, maybe you can figure out a way to deduct all that mileage as a business expense….

  6. I work out of my house so no drive but next week I’m hitting the bricks to do some self promotion at most of the UC schools development offices, that is if I get LTZMTOR back.

    “Simply not true that petrol will ever run out???” Huh! Does it take long to get to that special world?

  7. I hate to say it, but I do. Yea, I spend a bit of time at the filling station, even with the Cooper!

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