From the archives

Digging back to March, 2003 for this gem:

So i actually looked on a map today of where I went on saturday, and it was quite a way out of the way. turns out that i practically drove right past area 51 and looped almost completely around China Lake! all together, it was 371 miles from pahrump, nevada to my house in socal, and I loved every minute of it.

A little comparison between Roxy I and Roxy II. You can read the whole post here

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  1. Hey dB- when did you switch from the MCS to the MC? What was the overall driving factor to do so? I remember hearing sometime back on the podcast where you refererred to you S..thoroughly confused me.

  2. If you go back through the archives from that point, you would read that I had problems with the bank that caused me to give the MCS back. As a matter of necessity, I needed a car, and since VR was my second color choice and Crevier happened to have one on the lot (for MSRP +shipping). I got alternative financing and bought it.

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