Year in Review — Geek Edition

Oh yea, now it’s time for the juicy bits! Over the last year, 10,710 of you…

visited…34,853 times
looked at…171,938 pages
using…IE with Windows (46.4%/62.8%)

There is a pretty good chance you got here from…(in order) (all flavors)
J/C’s site
rocketboy’s site.

Those of you looking for things (via Google, Yahoo!, GIS, MSN or AOL)…
mini limo…80
pink mini cooper…73
frantones pizza…64
boat vin…55
mini cooper blogs & dbmini…25

Once you got here you looked at (not counting rss feeds)…
this page
the gallery
the minilinks page
the boat track page…I really wished this still worked for you.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! I really never thought this little MINI site would ever get this kind of traffic. Sure it’s nothing like motoringfile or even gomotoring. But, it’s enough for me!

Watch for the Year in Review – My Edition coming up shortly