the Year in Review — My Edition

As I sit here and await the end of yet another year (my 36th) and drink my wine, I’m filled with memories of yet another great MINI year…

Started the year at 36K miles. Ending at 76K. Sure, a lot of that was work, but there are some great track days in there and a few SCMM events.

Made new friends. Lost some that I made.

I think my track skills improved this year. Altogether I believe I have close to 50 hours of track time this year. Unlike golf, driving repeatedly on a track only makes you better!

This is the year we saw the MINI really come into it’s own I think. A lot driven by astronomical gas prices across the country. People were moving into smaller, more fuel effecient autos, and the MINI more than fits that bill.

I have a feeling that ’05 is going to be a very good year. More events. More friends. More cool MINI stuff.

I hope that yours is safe, happy and you are spending it with those that you care the most about.

until next year…

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