Was at Brecht MINI yesterday picking some stuff up and they have 20 convertible MINI’s on the lot right now! Mostly MC and a couple of MCSc. Most of the colors were represented and all of the MCc’s were less than $30K.

I think the Orange with the Blue top looks interesting, and the purple with the chrome bits looks very cool. I’m not saying I’d drive a purple car, but this one looks pretty sharp.

Also have to say that I am liking the body colored interior trim. Really adds a little something to the interiors.

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  1. You know….I’ve been very up front in saying that I did in fact pay over MSRP for both of the MINI’s that I have owned. And, I think I have gotten my money’s worth in paying over MSRP. When I call for service I get right in, if I need a loaner I get one, and it’s a BMW. If I don’t, I get a ride from the dealer to the office and back (if needed). If to get this level of service I have to pay $2-$3K over MSRP, so be it.

    I’m not saying I’d pay Brecht prices until I was 100% sure the service was how it should be, I’m just saying that I don’t mind paying for the extra stuff that happens after the sale. For sure I won’t buy out of area/out of state for just this reason. Now that BMW’s and MINI’s all get free scheduled maintenance, priority goes to that service center’s customers.

  2. Principle: A fixed or predetermined policy or mode of action. Its my principle never to pay a dealer markup, if I won $57M in Weds’ lotto I still wouldn’t pay it (I’d fly my new plane to go place my order elsewhere!). In Brecht’s case, I can never get the salespeople to stop reading magazines, chatting to each other or otherwise interested in selling me anything so even without the markup I doubt I’d give them my business.

  3. Just wanted to add that I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic there with the deftn of principle, just wanted to define it how I was using it. I certainly meant no offense, but I can see it might be read that way.

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