Another Trick MINI for sale

The Webb Motorsports Mule is for sale! From this NAM thread

It may or may not happen – but you may have caught me at a lucky time! I want to go to the Runoffs next year and try for a national championship in SCCA – they have reclassified the MINI Cooper S into SSC, making it competitive.

SSC is “Showroom Stock”, so the Mule is way too far gone to return to stock. I never ever wanted to sell this car, but I need to, to keep development going on the track. I still may not sell it…

The last MINI I posted for sale was one of the trickest. This MINI is one of the fastest!

I know if I had the money laying around I’d try to get the ‘mule’ myself. Maybe I’ll win the lotto this weekend!

Check out this NAM thread or contact Randy Webb for more details at (720) 841-1002