New rules for the road

As of 01/01/05, those of us that live in California have a few new rules to know about it.

Speed Violations (AB 2237, Parra)… This new law provides for a fine of up to $750 for
a second conviction within three years for driving in excess of 100 mph. The fine increases up to
$1,000 per conviction for subsequent offenses committed within five years of the first two.

Lighting Equipment. (SB 1236, Murray). The new law permits non-distracting night
vision enhancement devices which display images allowing a driver to see objects ahead better
during darkness.

Headlamp Usage. (AB 1854, Simitian). This amendment to the vehicle code requires
every motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, be operated with headlamps lighted when weather conditions require the windshield wipers to be in continuous use.

It’s about time on the headlamp one anyway. It kills me to see people driving when there is weather that don’t have thier headlights on!

Thanks Paul for the head-up!

You can read all of them here
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  1. freaking moron bill. so if it is raining and it is daylight you have to remember to put on your headlights?

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