Car colors

Have you ever noticed that every car on the road looks better painted the color of your MINI? This is something I’ve noticed. Some examples…

  • BMW 5 Series in VR looks sweet
  • xB in VR with chrome wheels is very nice
  • Jeep Cherokee in VR looks sophisticated
  • Pontiac Aztec/Buick Rendevous, while still ugly, are slightly easier on the eyes in VR

Of course, I’m sure I’m biased toward the lovely maroon color, but I’ve seen cars painted other MINI colors that just. Look. Awesome. Well, except for that lime green Beetle, which is the closest color I’ve seen to Silk Green. Only the MINI looks good in that color. Especially with a white roof!

6 replies on “Car colors”

  1. I saw a Silk Green 18-wheeler the other day. If we hadn’t been on a crowded interestate, I would have gotten a picture of them side-by-side. It was kinda neat.

    I kinda think that Silk Green looks even better with a Hot Pink Roof. ;)

  2. UPS is more brown than VR. Although VR MINI’s are often referred to as ‘The Brown MINI’ and Roxy does, in the right light, look like a rootbeer float.

    SG with a hotpink roof? What about flowers on the side and bonnet? :)

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