Hack a Hybrid?

From this at Treehugger.com:

Yes folks, as intimate as you might feel with your Prius, your high-tech friend is capable of doing things you never even imagined. With a little do-it-yourself, you can unlock a whole new set of latent magic powers that Toyota never wanted you to know about.

Among other things, you can add, what I guess to be the equivalent of an auto-up cirucuit, a switch to the dash to let the car run electric all the time. Well, at least until the batteries are dead.

Just thought it was intesting. You can read the whole article here.

More on Hybrids
From this Business Week Article:

With more of the gas-electric cars on the road, it’s time to dispel some of the misinformation surrounding these alternative vehicles

Read the whole thing to see that sales of hybrids have grown by leaps and bounds! From approx. 9,500 in 2000 to over 200,000 last year!

Not MINI related, but I still think it’s interesting stuff. Must be the geek in me ;)

Top 10 Hybrid Myths || Hack Your Hybrid || via Digg

4 replies on “Hack a Hybrid?”

  1. As an owner of a Honda Insight for the past five years, I can definitely say that this article is one of the most fair I’ve ever seen. The topics discussed are relevant and give the lay-person a real idea of what goes on. People still ask how often I need to plug it in.

  2. Read thru the PDF and found an interesting, or should I say disgusting, fact.

    Only a 2 mile range in EV mode on the Prius with a full battery… Shame on those engineers!!

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