Geek time

I haven’t shared stats in a while…

April stats for

Total Visitors: 1770
Total Visits: 7292*
Total Pages: 23585*

~Pages Viewed~
RSS: 10,890
Main page: 2045
Gallery: 290
Crash post: 134
Ortega Hwy: 107

~Your computer is~
Windows: 54%
Mac: 27%
Linux and others: 1%

~Your browser is~
IE: 39.7%
Firefox: 27.8% (nicely done!)
Safari: 6%

~You got here from~ 332
Motorfile/MF Newsroom: 207
Brad’s Blog: 32
Ride!: 26
Any number of message boards: 100+
(You from the vortex boards? What are you looking at?)

~You looked for~
save ortega hwy – 83 times
pink mini cooper – 19 times
mini limo – 17 times

And 45 of you were nice enough to add me to your favorites! Thanks!

Site updates
I’ve added some content to the about page, including a small pic of your truly.
I have also added a contact page, complete with handy dandy form. Feel free to check check it out!

Once Roxy is out of the shop I promise more event photos will be coming on a more regular basis! And, thanks for dropping by!
*some of those are probably spammers. Not very many, but a few. I’d say less than 10%.

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  1. Ok so you can say that the 32 hits from Brad’s site would be me. Perhaps I will get around to actually putting this page in my favorites instead of going through Brad’s blog first.

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