my next MINI?

Checking out Motoringfile about the new concept long wheel base MINI…

I know most of you do not agree, but I think this is a fine looking automobile!

The long wheelbase of the car gives two passengers at the rear adequate space in every respect, making MINI Concept Frankfurt a genuine four-seater. The rear-seat backrests fold down individually to form a flat surface flush with the floor of the luggage compartment. This facilitates the process of loading the car from all sides, either through the rear doors or the driver/front passenger doors, with the further advantage of being able to conveniently move around and place bags and objects in position.

Look at that space! Plus really room for 4? And I even like the way this looks. I wonder how much will change from concept to production?

I wonder if Roxy will hold out until ’07?

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2 replies on “my next MINI?”

  1. I think this concept is mostly excellent – but as always when/if the production version arrives there will be changes. Good or bad … we have to wait.

    If they really got it right, it might be my GBMINI#4 too ;)

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